Weakly Roundup.

This is where I’ll jot down the weeks shortcomings, emotional highs, and utter failures.

Week 1.
Tropical cyclone Carlos put paid to pretty much everything. Despite eating like a horse for most of the week, the scales are still my friend, and with ups and downs, am now confident in saying ‘i weigh around 82 kg’


20 responses

  1. Week 2.2
    On the whole, pretty slack. I could use work as an excuse, but that only covers me for most of the day. Extra actvities included a game of tennis and a game of squash, and an early morning waddle this morning. Bad me for no stretching!
    Today’s weight 80.5kg. I’m chosing not to believe it.

  2. Week 3
    How did that happen? It’s over ALREADY?? It was so long, yet went so quick – what’s with that?
    Anyhoo… joined the running club and made my first foray into the world of public running. Started to play squash as an organised sport (well. Theoretically organised…), and did one chin up almost.
    Today’s weight 81.5kg, and I’m more inclined than ever to believe last week was wrong. I need scales that’ll give the same reading at least 3 out of 5 times.

    • monday – nada, stuffed knee
      tuesday – 5k eliptical
      wed – LSD 4.7k am, 2.5k pm
      thurs squash in afternoon
      fri – battle pt
      sat – pool 500m (100f, 100b, 100f, 100b, 100dk)

      (I was thinking I’d made a whole week of exercise, but it’s only been 5 days. And I’m not going to count the double on Wed… although I dearly want to.)

  3. I think I skipped a week. How did that happen… and where the hell have I put it??

    Week 4
    Monday. – sprints and circuit stuff at work
    Tuesday – squash
    Wed – 5k run in 33min something
    Thurs – squash
    Fri – big fat absolutely nothing, and I remain guilt free and ready to go today!

    On the whole, a pretty laid back week. Looking forward to this week, and hopefully some more running.

  4. Week 5
    Pretty disappointing on the physical activity side, but okay on the mentally.
    Saturday Did the 10k
    Monday can’t remember
    Tues squash in the morning – did boxing at lunch
    Wed duty in am, interupted at lunch stretching, lost the running team, squashed instead.
    Thurs – squash in the afternoon (think I’m realising why my shoulder joints are achey)
    Fri – nada – duty
    Sat – nada
    Sunday… time to get going!! – whoops. That’s week 6 anyway!!

  5. Week 6 – not finished yet!

    Sunday – ran 3.6k, swam 100m freestyle, 100m breastroke
    Monday – nada
    Tues – duty in am, boxing at lunch, 3.something in the evening
    Wed – found running team, ran 5k down near the forts. Someone put a hill there.
    Thurs – squash in the afternoon
    Fri – nada – ear being odd
    Sat – ?

    A little disappointed that I didn’t get to do as much as I would’ve liked, but that’s mainly down to me being slack. And now that I look back on it, honestly? I didn’t do so bad after all. If it was me reading someone elses blog, I’d be saying ‘Wow – way to go!’. Why are we always so hard on ourselves?

    I changed my mind. I had a pretty good week in spite of feeling like I didn’t do enough. I met my swimming goal at last, I ran another 5K with the running club, and I’ve done over 12K in the RunForJapan fundraiser. And when I put it like that, I had a damn good week!

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  7. Week 7… (if I write it in as I do it, then it’ll be good for my chi)

    Sun. Waddled 3.5K on training prog. Felt like I did crap, but it wasn’t so bad once I compared it.
    Mon. Nada. Duty. Cranky assed to boot.
    Tues. No PT (screwed up duty). Boxing circuit at luch, squash 45mins in pm. Pillates woman is a TROLL.
    Wed Want to do stretches at lunch, plus 5K cross country in the pm. Want, schmant. I did 5.5 in the morning, and had to sleep more than I had to do cross country – dammitall!
    Thurs – crook due to ear. Went to sleep at 5pm, woke for 3h from 8pm and slept again till 430 Fri morning.
    Fri – unless a miracle occurs with my ear – nothing

    NSV – almost one chin up. Yes, it’s THAT big a deal!

  8. Week 7.2
    Stuff all really. Spent most of the week on duty and/or nursing my stupid ear. The antibiotics are either working, or it’s a placebo. I’m going with the first and saying I’m feeling 150% better than this time last week. Time to get back into the groove – starting NOW!

    Wed – ran 2k with the running group
    Thurs – played squash doubles for half an hour

  9. Week 7.3
    I think I’m almost back on track…
    Mon – circuit
    Tues – squash and 3.5k run
    Wed – 5k am and 5k pm
    Thurs – nada
    Fri – will try for a run in the pm

    Still taking the last of the antibiotics, but hopefully it’s beaten

  10. So much for getting back on track. Easter was bad enough with eggs, but ANZAC day and beer as well? Puh-leease!

    This week all I’ve managed is three laps of the 1.2K track, with 20 pushups and situps at the end of each lap. Today we’re doing something bizarre at work involving heavy lifting and carrying of stuff, so that should be pretty physical. Haven’t felt the best this week, so hopefully that’ll wear off soon, and next week will be a better week.

  11. No – srsly? April? You’re kidding me!!

    Here we are, three months later.

    Fri: run 5K in the am, walk 10K in the pm
    Sat: nada
    Sun: 12K waddle in the pm
    Mon: boxing/cardio circuit
    Tues: Sprints
    Wed: plan to run with club in the pm
    Thurs: nada – working
    Fri: ……..

  12. Yep – Thursday and Friday were both working days, so I did nada. Today, being Sat, I only did 5K on the machine. More in the blog. Not happy with it, but it is what it is…

  13. Woah… lets see if I can remember.
    Monday – Pushups, Situps and dodgeball. 1.5k run
    Tues – 2.4 slow jog
    Wed – 2k on the track at work, push ups and situps; 5K in the pm with club
    Thurs – nada
    Fri – I took the PT session (circuits), and did 20 mins on the eliptical trainer in the pm.

    All in all, I’m pretty happy with it. Sure I could’ve done more, but I also could’ve done a lot worse.

  14. Luckily cos of the diet, I’m writing everything down, so my little brain doesn’t have to remember!
    Sat – 10K run around firebreak
    Sun – 5K run on machine
    Mon – 8.5K run
    Tue – iso exercises
    Wed – fartlek 3.8K, 5.8K in the pm
    Thur – walk 50 mins
    Fri – don’t know yet, it’s a holiday here and I’m not out of bed yet!

  15. Missed a day – it’s Friday today!

    Last Friday I can’t remember. Did something though…
    Sat I ran 4k in the morning, walked 5K in the afternoon…
    Sunday 5K in the afternoon
    Monday 2.4 BFA at work. Did 15 pushups, 60 situps (for the first time in YEARS!), and the run in 13:34. Time to beat is 13:30.
    Tuesday super slow jog 3.4K
    Wednesday – felt like I had nothing. So I did nothing.
    Thursday – felt a little better, but I resisted doing anything
    Friday – did 7.2K in 50:48. Slow as, but I had plenty left, and enjoyed myself, so that’s the pace I’m going to look to doing on Sunday for the half marathon. I want to enjoy it!

  16. Sat – nothing due to half marathon on Sunday
    Sun – half marathon: 2:22 – up on prev year of 3:10
    Mon – day of sloth
    Tues – 6.6K
    Wed – nothing – felt lazy and did NOT want to run on sand!
    Thur – 2.44 and 2.6 straight after each other
    Fri – 2.4

    Work was mildly crazy and next week may or may not be the same.

  17. Lots of running over the past month due to the Km101 challenge! Keep meaning to do other stuff, but oh. so. hard. Need to get my shit together. Did 100s on Tues (100 situps, pushups, squats and skips), and a ‘Power Hour’ workout with a mate today – I was supposed to be motivating, but she was the motivation! Far too many pushups for this black duck – my wings will be unusable in 2 days time!
    More again tomorrow, and I really really REALLY want to get some racquet sport in during these holidays!

  18. This week wasn’t so bad, I think I managed something every day – some more than others! Next week I don’t think I’ll have the luxury, so I’ll have to be a little more inventive… work will be pretty hectic, plus I’m on duty on Monday, so not home till Tue night. Ugh.

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