I finally managed to go for a run!

Okay, so it wasn’t earth shattering, but I did it. After two whole weeks of being careful and taking it easy, I went for a waddle yesterday morning. And I liked it so much, I went again yesterday afternoon.
And hopefull, I’ll be able to go again tonight! Not counting on it – it’s very humid, so it’d be slow as buggery, but I’d like to try it. Unfortunately the lush of my life has homework to do, so he’ll be busy. He’s very busy atm with displacement activities (I know what he’s going through, I’d rather have done housework than work on my presentation for tomorrow!), so he’ll either need a break by then, or if he hasn’t done enough – I’ll go without him.
New week this week. Job change again for me and I’m not looking forward to this one. It means I lose what little independance I had as the hierarchy will be watching my every move like a hawk. It’s not like I bludged all day, but it’s nice just to be able to say ‘You know what? I don’t feel like doing that right now, so I’ll do it tomorrow and shop for a new car in the meantime’. No more of that for me unfortunately. *sigh* At least the job shall be a new challenge – which I will learn to embrace or perish!


Another week over. TFFT.

Went to the Doc on Monday about my knee – she’s booked me in for an ultrasound and an xray – just in case. Naturally ever since I went it’s been nothing but fine. Fuck I hate that. But I’m going to go anyway – just in case.

Been taking it pretty easy this week. Monday was nothing, Tues did boxing at lunchtime, Wed Pilates (which didn’t kill me – surprise surprise!), and that’s it really. The leg feels good enough to go for a little waddle on at least, but I’m enjoying lying flat on my back on the puter listening to the birds outside being excited cos it rained last night.

My eyes are feeling all buggy though, I may take an antihistamine. And I really should get up and make a coffee. And maybe some breakfast.

Today, 154.2, and I’m happy with that. Despite feeling like it’s not moving at all for weeks, it actually is, and I’m way happy with that. It took years to go on, it’ll take years to come off. One lady I follow on Tumblr has been losing weight for 4 years. I am hoping I won’t have to wait that long till I’m at my comfy place – which, incidentally, doesn’t really have a weight or a date. I’m just going to keep going till I’m done.

What travel lesson have I learnt the hard way?

A few probably.
1. Don’t panic. It solves nothing, and is a complete waste of time and effort – and often money. Relax. Breathe. Think. Even mothers missing in China where hardly anyone speaks English will return – purely because the taxi driver has no idea wtf to do with them!
2. There is no such thing as under packing. I continue to learn this lesson. The more you take, the less room you have to bring stuff home. Leave the sports gear at home. In 4 trips, you’ve been to the gym ONCE. If you really must – buy stuff o/s.
3. More than one type of currency – just in case. Doesn’t have to be much, but it’s helpful during stopovers.
4. Don’t get into the lift with a dodgy ass taxi driver in China. It’s illegal, and they know it. They’re out to rip you off. Count on it 🙂
5. Carry medication with you.
6. Vodka kills headlice. But you have to pour it on your head, not just drink it.
7. Make sure you know the airports before you get there, and have enough time to meet connecting flights. One of my nightmares, and never come to fruition – thank fuck. Come damn close though!
8. Ain’t no bastard going to carry your bags for you honey – best you learn to do them yourself…


Today started off really well… after a decent weigh in today (156lbs) and reading a few hours worth of blogs, I was feeling all inspired and get up and goey – so I went.
The lush of my life came too, and I ran slow enough to maintain a conversation, yet didn’t do my worst time ever, and by the time I got home I was feeling pretty pleased with myself.
I stretched afterwards, as I always do (but never before. Hey, it works for me!), and thought I’d try some pilates stretches I’d been shown in class on Wednesday, in the hope of improving my stretch. I went as far as I dare without overdoing it. Or so I thought…
About an hour later, was a twinge in my knee. The right one, which isn’t as bad (or is it?) as it’d be if it had been in the left one – which has previous for being dodgy. I shook it off, and about 4 hours later, sitting down on the bed if you please, felt like I had twisted it. It hurt to walk on, and feels like it doesn’t respond to commands – like there’s something not hooked up properly. Fuck it all. I’ve dropped some anti inflamatorys, ice packed it (and I NEVER ice!), and now some Deep Heat. I’ll strap it now that I know the Deep Heat isn’t going to eat through 8 layers of skin, and hope like hell it’s better by Monday.
Hell, I lost weight. I can’t afford not to exercise!
Nor can I afford to screw it even further, so it’s got until Monday. That’s it.

it’s getting harder to keep up

as things become second nature… you pay things off, pay less attention, and lose sight of what you’re trying to achieve.

I’ve been good this week – despite sounding like I have given up on myself. I’ve exercised nearly every day:

Mon – short 2.7 run after work
Tue – 5k run for PT
Wed – circuits in the morning (run, situps, pushups), pilates at lunch, 5K run with the club in the evening
Thur – nada. Left my shorts at home and was sore so had a day of rest!
Fri – 4k run for PT

My eating’s been good – have eaten 3 lunches at the mess, so they’ve been a bit bigger than what I’d make for myself, but they were healthy, and certainly not over sized meals.

Yet I still fail to make much headway on the scales. I know they’re not the most important thing to me, and I’m certainly not putting it on – but I can’t help wondering what will happen when I’m not doing so much exercise. Or perhaps I only *think* I’m doing exercise?

Just because it’s more than a couch potato would do, is it really enough?

I shall be able to test this over the next few weeks. The lush of my life will be on course during the day, so it’s highly unlikely that our lunchtimes will be spent together… for the first three days of the week I will be able to do lunchtime classes at the gym, as well as the usual PT sessions in the morning. Plus, as at 31 Oct I will go back to more rigourously policed PT sessions, where I can’t just bugger off and go for a run wherever it takes me. I am missing cross training, and will need to look forward to the challenge, because otherwise I will just fucking HATE every second of it before, after and during the sessions. Which sucks balls actually and makes life harder. I like a session that is challenging, but that I’m capable of completing – and feeling proud of myself that I actually did it. Those are really good sessions.

I’m going to die. *sigh*